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Immaculata University’s Presidential Scholarship has benefited
numerous students over the decades it has been awarded. This
four-year full-tuition scholarship is given annually to four or
five incoming freshmen with a record of academic excellence as
indicated by GPA, class rigor, standardized test scores, class rank,
and recommendations.
The top 20 students who meet the criteria are asked to write
a 250-word essay on the meaning of community and are invited
to interview with the scholarship committee, composed of Nicola
DiFronzo-Heitzer, Ed.D., director of admissions for the College
of Undergraduate Studies; other members of the admissions staff;
and faculty members from the students’ desired majors.
“They’re strong academic candidates in order to get through
the first round of the process, but also we want them to have
well-rounded qualities,” said DiFronzo-Heitzer. It’s always dif-
ficult to choose from so many top-notch students, she said, but
“it’s like knowing good art when you see it.” One may not be able
to articulate exactly why a piece of artwork is exceptional, but
somehow it exudes certain admirable attributes that resonate with
the viewer. In choosing the scholarship recipients, the commit-
tee looks for attributes that match the core values of Immaculata:
faith, caring, service, integrity, learning, and teamwork.
The scholarship committee also looks for students who will
benefit the most from the scholarship and who will themselves
benefit the campus. “We want students who will be a great
example for the Immaculata community and students coming in,”
said DiFronzo-Heitzer. Many of the recipients have said that they
“feel very blessed” to have been awarded the scholarship, and
Immaculata is blessed to have them as part of its community.
IU Presidential Scholarship
IU Presidential Scholars for 2013 (L to R): Lauren Monreale,
Emma Koontz, Christine McIntyre, and Olivia Ross
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