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Immaculata Magazine caught up with
junior Criminology major Patrick Carter
on a sunny autumn day as he headed
across campus on his Plan B skateboard.
Carter has been honing his skate-
boarding talents for the past five years.
Regarding his love for skateboarding,
Carter commented, “It’s a great way to
stay in shape, have fun and save some
money on gas.”
For the past three years, Carter has
been enjoying his time at Immaculata.
“The best part of IU is its size and fac-
ulty,” says Carter. “It’s small, so ev-
eryone knows everyone and it’s a fam-
ily.” Considering that his aunt is Sister
Joseph Marie Carter, IHM, Ed.D., who
is dean of the College of Undergraduate
Studies, the family concept makes per-
fect sense.
Carter gives high praise to his teachers.
“Mr. [Frank] Hartleroad [assistant
professor of Sociology] is one of my
favorite teachers because he makes
class informative and fun by interject-
ing his own ideas and thoughts on top-
ics.” Also making the grade according
to Carter is Detective Glenn Fowler,
who teaches the IU course “Organized
Crime.” “He (Fowler) brings a certain
energy to class that makes what you
are learning so much more interesting.”
After he graduates, Carter plans to
join the Marines. Carter decided to join
the Marines because he has several
cousins who served in the military.
He noted, “I saw how well it changed
them and sculpted them into great men
[and] it made me want to join.”
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