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Dear Friends of Immaculata,
This edition of
Immaculata Magazine
is full of exciting
information about the broad range of research in which many
of our faculty members are immersed. From studying the use
of guided imagery to experimenting with digital painting, from
articles about what qualities religious men and women pos-
sess that aid them in dedicating their lives to God to employing
music to ease the effects of chemotherapy, from investigating
the link between parenting skills and motivation to publishing
a book on the African-American baseball players who paved
the way for Jackie Robinson, professors from across disciplines
are actively engaged in exploring their fields, expanding their
knowledge, and adding to the intellectual and cultural wealth of
Immaculata University and the world.
Faculty commitment to scholarship—and to transforming
society—is clearly evident in their work and academic excel-
lence. These endeavors enhance the University’s climate of
growth and development, position IU as a leader in higher
education, and provide our students with unparalleled oppor-
tunities to observe and participate in groundbreaking research
with the potential to produce important breakthroughs. I’m sure
you will find their work as intriguing and inspiring as I do.
Learn about a few of our outstanding Sisters and their
contributions within and beyond the classroom. I invite you
to come to know a little better these remarkable educators,
compassionate guides and wise mentors whose devotion to
the work they have been called to do continues to inspire their
students, colleagues and community.
Also in this issue, you will meet some of IU’s accomplished
undergraduates and alumni whose stories reveal how extraor-
dinary our students are and the unique ways they are living the
Immaculata legacy of dignity, integrity and professionalism.
Immaculata’s new branding campaign with the theme
Be Mighty
... was officially launched this past July as a compre-
hensive, strategic multi-media approach to raising awareness of
Immaculata’s powerful presence and increasing our visibility in
both the local and wider landscape of higher education. Draw-
ing on Immaculata’s legacy as the home of the Mighty Macs,
this advertising initiative vividly expresses the University’s
mission to engage, enlighten and empower our students.
Be scholarship, Be spirituality, Be Mighty...
in your career
. The message is clear: Immaculata University is
a mighty force for good, changing the world one graduate at a
As the days grow shorter, the nights longer and 2013 comes
to a close, I hope the season of harvest and thanksgiving finds
you reaping the fruits of loving labor and selfless service, and
experiencing heartfelt gratitude for the abundant grace and
gifts of God.
Sister R. Patricia Fadden, IHM, Ed.D.
Celebrating the IU Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2013 (L to R:) Sister R. Patri-
cia Fadden, IHM, Ed.D., Immaculata University president 2002-present; Sister
Marian William Hoben, IHM, Ph.D., Immaculata College president 1982-1992
and 2013 IU Athletics Hall of Fame Inductee; and Sister Marie Roseanne
Bonfini, IHM, Ph.D., Immaculata College president 1992-2002
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