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The idea for Immaculata’s new coffee table book
Grace & Glory
On the Noble Hill,
which celebrates the 100th anniversary of Villa
Maria Hall in 2014, actually stemmed from a conversation in 2011
between Sister Ann Heath, IHM, Ph.D., IU’s vice president for
Academic Affairs, and Robert Cole, Immaculata’s vice president
for University Communications.
Sister Ann and Cole both realized the need for a photo-driven
book that would document the historic significance of Immaculata
from the first blueprint.
Once the project was started, University Communications
reviewed hundreds of archived photographs of the construction
of Villa Maria, including a rarely seen photo of the shell of what
would eventually become the dome. New photos were taken by
Cole, and staff members Seth Kovanic and Sue Ross, in addition
to professional photographers Jack Hardway and Hunter Martin.
To complement the images, Sister M. St. Michel, IHM, archivist,
provided historic documents that listed price quotes and original
letters from the architect/engineers, Ballinger and Perrot.
By chance, Sister St. Michel had mentioned that one of the
IHM Sisters was recently asked by a man at a nearby grocery store
if she were an IHM from Immaculata. When she said yes, the
man informed her that he was the grandson of the architect, Emile
Perrot. The team researched the Perrot family and found Emile’s
grandson, Kevin, living in West Chester, PA. In early spring,
Kevin Perrot and his family visited campus, providing additional
background information regarding the construction. Kerry Jones,
director of Capital Planning and Construction at Immaculata,
was instrumental in confirming facts and providing insight into
early 20th-century architecture and construction techniques.
Later, a copy of the original blueprint for Villa Maria Hall was sup-
plied by Jason Clemons, maintenance manager for IU’s Facilities
With all of this material, the team turned to writer Ellen
Dooley who composed a narrative from all the facts and figures.
Sister Marie Hubert Kealy, IHM, Ph.D., professor emerita and
author of the history of the IHM order from 1962-2006, reviewed
the text with her historical knowledge. The layout and design of
the book was overseen by Dan Serianni, director of graphic design
services; Kate Lawler, graphic designer; and Cole.
So how much did the total building cost to construct? How did
the Sisters contend with having no water at the location site? What
does the dome look like from the inside? Find out these answers
plus more in this 50-page hardcover book sold exclusively through
University Communications for $30 plus tax, shipping and han-
dling. To order your copy, please call 610-647-4400, ext. 3874. For
more information, visit
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