Immaculata University Graphic Standards Manual - page 4

Guidelines apply to advertisements, printed materials, web, online media, and videos.
Hierarchical Structure
Brand hierarchy is a strategy put into place to categorize the
many different facets involved within the setting of institu-
tional marketing. The five-tier system used at Immaculata is
as follows:
Primary Brand
The first tier: The foremost logo representing the institution
as a whole. Use the primary logo.
Primary Brand Extension
The second tier: Extends to the highest institutional entities
and colleges. Use the secondary logo.
Secondary Brand Extension
The third tier: Academic departments, administrative
offices or supportive units that maintain the mission of
the University. Use the secondary logo.
Athletics Logos
The fourth tier: The “IU” Athletics logo and monogram
are primarily reserved for the use of the Immaculata
University Department of Athletics and Recreation. This
mark is to be used in conjunction with Athletics for mar-
keting and promotional purposes. The IU Athletics logo
is not to replace Immaculata’s official dome logo. The
Athletics logo may also be used on more informal items
such as t-shirts, backpacks, mugs, caps, alumni items, etc.,
and will be reviewed by University Communications in
conjunction with Athletics on a case-by-case basis.
The Immaculata University Seal
The fifth tier: The Immaculata University Seal is to be
used only for official University documents. These docu-
ments include graduation materials and diplomas.
College of Undergraduate Studies
Division of Nursing
Immaculata Seal
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