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54. Janet Young Eline ’74, Mighty
Mac team player with her
daughter Erin Eline Aumen
55. Jim Williams and Marie Liguori
Williams ’77, Mighty Mac team player
56. Phil Martelli with wife Judy Marra
Martelli ’75, Mighty Mac team player
57. Janet Ruch Boltz ’73, Mighty Mac
team player and husband Jim
58. Sue O’Grady ’72, Mighty Mac
team player with husband Tom
59. Stephen Quinn and his wife
Mighty Mac team player, Betty
Ann Hoffman Quinn ’73
Page 84
60. Jon and Kerrie Roche
61. Jack Lutz and Patricia McCrossan
62. Henry and Lynne Sciortino
63. Sister Rita O’Leary, IHM, IU’s director
of Planned Giving and Sister Marie
Lorraine Bruno, IHM, emerita faculty
64. Dan and Roseanne Cahill,
Carole Tripician, Kevin Cassidy,
and Lindsey Tripician
65. John Lieberman and his wife Jule Ann
66. Dr. Patricia Crea LaRocco ’71
and Barbara Crea Shannon ’70
67. Stephanie Hartman Kane ’73,
Margie O’Donnell Donohue ’73,
and son Sean Donohue
Page 85
68. Philip and Karen Earley
69. Sally Tamburello Winterton
’68 and husband John
70. Francine Colangelo Eisenmann ’78,
Dr. Maria Alonso ’78, Mighty Mac
team player, and Sister Maureen
Lawrence McDermott, IHM
71. Joe Healey, IU’s associate professor
of Philosophy with his wife
Kathleen Gallagher Healey ’76
Page 86
72. Cathy Rush with Antoinette
Schiavo ’56
73. Kevin Shank
74. Don DiJulia with son Chris
and Cathy Rush
75. Victoria Guiteras Giunta ’68, Theresa
Murtagh, Sister Patricia Fadden, IHM,
Charles Kerrigan, member of the IU
Board of Trustees, and Paul Murtagh
Page 87
76. Sister Rita Lenihan, IHM, Sister
Joanne Ralph, IHM, Sister Dolores
Joseph Bozzelli, IHM, Sister
John Evelyn Di Trolio, IHM, and
Sister Marianne Guiniven, IHM
77. Barbara Deuble Kelly ’77,
Mighty Mac team player
78. Shoshana Aron
79. Anthony Gargano, co-writer
of The Mighty Macs
Page 90
80. (Front row, L-R): Sister Marita David
Kirsch, IHM, IU archivist, Sister Mary
Henrich, IHM, assistant professor
of theology, Sister John Sheila
Galligan, IHM, professor of theology,
Sister Regina Foy, IHM, associate
professor of music, Meghan Sabia,
Kim Blair and Katie Hayek; Back
row: Taylor Steel and Kate Nowlin
81. Tim Chambers, director of The
Mighty Macs interviewed by
Bryon Scott of NBC-10
Immaculata University would like to thank
the following individuals/corporations who
sponsored tickets for the Sisters, Servants of
the Immaculate Heart of Mary to attend ‘The
Mighty Macs’ The Movie Black Tie Gala:
Full Ticket Sponsors
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Nancy McDermott Beatty ’82
Mrs. Mary Beth Czaus Bimmerle ’86
Mrs. Janet Ruch Boltz ’73
Mr. Dave and Mrs. Patti Boreanaz
Ms. Geraldine Boyle ’71
CALECO, Mr. Rick Winig
Dr. Kathleen Carter
Mrs. Madeline F. Christenson
Mr. Robert Cole
Mr. James and Mrs. Donna Foster
Mrs. Adele Williams Gerngross ’78
Ms. Kathryn Hemsley
Dr. Margaret Monahan Hogan ’63
Mr. Gary M. Holloway, Jr.
Mr. Philip G. Hubbard
Lt. Comdr. Barbara Deuble Kelly ’77
Keystone Digital Press, LLC, Mr. John P. Greene
Mr. Seth Kovanic
Ms. Dorothy J. McCrea
Ms. Mary Jane Almond McKenna ’57
Mr. Gary Michelson
Ms. Joan Gagliardi Monahan ’63
Mrs. Susan M. O’Grady ’72
Mr. Leo and Mrs. Maryanne Parsons
Mr. William Patzig
Mrs. Rene Muth Portland ’75
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Hoffman Quinn ’73
Ms. Vreni Ranjo
Mr. Edward J. Roach
The Sandy Hill Foundation, Mrs. Mimi Draper Walsh ’63
Ms. Mary E. Scharff ’77
Mrs. Doris M. Shank ’02
Ms. Marsha Sharp
Ms. Carol A. Sprang ’93M
Dr. Agnes Timothy
Mr. David C. Toner
USI Affinity, Mr. Jim Pitts
Mrs. Mimi Draper Walsh ’63
Miss Helen M. White ’48
Partial Ticket Sponsors
Ms. Lisa M. Ceddia
Ms. Cathy L. Dernoncourt
Mr. Thomas Egan
Ms. Cheryl Hart
Sister Marie Esther Hart, IHM
Mr. Joseph P. Healey and Mrs. Kathleen Gallagher Healey ’76
Mrs. Irene Schultes Jordan ’45
Ms. Ferne C. LaBati
Ms. Sandra Landeck
Dr. Daniel Machon
Ms. Martha M. Malanik
Ms. Mary Ann Meszaros
Mrs. Rebecca Powers Mohn
And all those who wish to remain anonymous
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