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be a gross understatement. Theman-to-man (or is
it woman-to-woman or player-to-player) worked to
near perfection as the underdogs roared to a 24-9
lead early in the second period.
Then youngMissMuth got into deep foul trouble
and had to sit out the rest of the first half.
Her absence was felt as Carol Eckman’s Ramettes
came racing back, their fast break pouring in bucket
after bucket to close the gap at intermission to 25-20.
However, after the break, ReneMuth returned,
and theMacs went on another tear, opening up leads
of 10 and 12 points before theWest Chester State
quintet came on again, closing to 44-42 with just
over two and a half minutes left in the game.
The re sa Shank Score s Aga i n
With the good-sized Illinois crowd screaming for
theMacs, the 6’ 0” Theresa Shank took things into
her own hands. The sophomore star—a teammate
ofWest Chester’s Janet Larkin at Cardinal O’Hara
High School—ripped in five straight points as the
Immaculata quintet locked up the victory.
It was a strange kind of reunion out in Illinois for
both Immaculata andWest Chester. During the sea-
son, theMacs had defeated the Ramettes’ number
III teambut had not played Carol Eckman’s varsity
until last week at Towson.
Cathy Rush is a formerWest Chester State player
herself, having played under Lucille Kyvallos who
also was on hand at Normal over the weekendwith
her Queens College (NewYork) team, whichwound
up in the consolation bracket.
Theresa Shank ended up the play yesterday as the
big heroine with 26 of Immaculata’s points while
ReneMuth had 10 as didMaureen Stuhlman. The
playmaking Denise Conway wound upwith four
andMaureenMooney tossed in one field goal while
Janet Ruchwent scoreless.
Mac De f ense Pays Of f
ForWest Chester, SandyHolt tossed in 17, but no
other Ramette could get into double figures against
the ruggedMac defense. Janet Larkin endedwith
nine as did Jane Fontaine. However, ReneMuth
held her opponent to just three points while Theresa
Shank, in addition to her big offensive contribution,
limited the normally high-scoring Jackie Johnson to
three points.
And, thus, Immaculata won the “Battle of
Chester County,” which was staged nearly 1,000
miles to the west.
Last night, nearly 500 Immaculata supporters
jammed into Philadelphia’s International Airport to
welcome theMacs home with their national cham-
pionship trophy.
One thing, for sure. They’re going to have to
change that nickname.
Nomore “Macs.”
How about “TheMightyMacs”?
Reprinted with permission
from the Daily Local News
(MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1972)
One thing , for
sure . They ’ re
going to have
to change
that nickname .
No more “Macs .”
How about “The
Mighty Macs ? ”
L-R: (Top row)
Cathy Rush
(coach), Janet
Young, Sue
O’Grady, Janet
Ruch, Judy
Marra, Rene
Mack (student
manager), (Bottom
row) Maureen
Stuhlman, Rene
Muth, Patricia
Opila, Maureen
Mooney, Theresa
Shank, Denise
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