Immaculata University Magazine - Spring 2011 - page 20

Everyone loves a feel-good sports story
where the underdogs overcome
the odds on an unpredictable
journey. Yet, no story in college
hoops seems as heartwarming
as the story of the Mighty
Macs and their three national
that have glorified a small
but mighty institution.
The first Immaculata Mighty Macs
in the 1970s were an elite squad, with
more than enough star power to win the
hearts of thousands of fans. The Mighty Macs’ success
shook up the country, and the team became known for
advancing women’s college basketball. It’s a tale that
the Immaculata community will forever cherish and
continue to tell through many more basketball seasons.
Since then, many more players have spent their collegiate
careers as Mighty Macs. They have heard stories, browsed
photos, and paged through articles that highlight this
magical time, while marveling at the walls adorned
with national championship banners and All-American
accolades. Although the glory days were long ago, most
still love to talk about them today. And this time in
history has left an enduring imprint on Immaculata.
Perhaps the most significant contributor to the
Mighty Macs’ success is that they retained that one
thing that often equalizes the big and the small in
basketball: confidence. It was there for the taking,
but often the one thing small schools were not able to
harness. But today, because of the first Mighty Macs’
legacy of confidence, any player that has dressed
in an Immaculata women’s basketball uniform
knows that she is a part of something grand.
As a former Mighty Mac myself, as the women’s basketball
head coach, and as Immaculata’s athletic director, I am
pleased to share in this heritage. I am awed by the team’s
history, and I will continue to share their story with
future Immaculatans. Immaculata women’s basketball is
a pastime for some, but a passion for so many others. It’s
about history, it’s about opportunity, and it’s about talent.
Patty Canterino
Athletic Director/Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Message from the Athletic Director
An original Mighty Macs women’s
basketball team uniform from
1972 and authentic player’s
socks. The sneakers are similar to
those worn by the team.
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