Immaculata University Magazine - Spring 2011 - page 38

Money was definitely an issue. There was no travel budget. We had a
week to raise money for the trip, and we actually sold toothbrushes. Then,
we held a pep rally in the Rotunda, and all the clubs on campus contributed
money from their budgets so we could make the trip to Normal.
As it turned out, we had $2,500 to work with. The school could afford to
send Cathy and only eight players to Illinois. And Cathy had to tell three
girls they couldn’t go. That was tough. The school had reserved a ticket
for Cathy who had just become pregnant. The rest of us flew standby to
O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Then we drove two hours to Normal, Illinois.
I still don’t know how Cathy rented those cars. She was only 24 years old.
We were in the car on the way toNormal reading a local newspaper, when
someone came upon a short article that listed the schools participating in
the national tournament. We didn’t know any of them other than West
Chester. Once we arrived, we stayed three or four in a room at a Holiday
Inn near the campus of Illinois State. We each had seven dollars a day for
meal money. We didn’t know anything about per diem allowance in those
days. Our parents had given us spending money.
The 1972 Nationals were a three-day event, with one game on Friday,
two games on Saturday, and the championship game on Sunday morning
so teams could have another night’s lodging.
The first night we attended a banquet on campus and the governor of
Illinois spoke. After dinner, we were walking to the motel. West Chester
In recognition of the
first national tournament
sponsored by the Asso-
ciation for Intercollegiate
Athletics for Women, the
sixteen teams competing
formed a number one on
the gym floor of Illinois
State in Normal, IL.
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